Dear participants of the INPP International conference,

we would like to inform you that the organizing committee of XXVIth INPP International Conference had decided to postpone the conference due to the SARS-CoV19 pandemic.

As you know, the situation regarding regulations and travel restrictions is due to the spread of COVID-19 still very uncertain. Therefore, we are not able to set a new date for the conference and we are still closely monitoring the evolving situation. However, the earliest possible date currently seems to be in the spring 2021.

The conference will be held in the same format as originally was designed.  We still count on your participation. We appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting you personally in more favourable circumstances.

We stay at your disposal in case of any questions.

XXVIth INPP International Conference opens a forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge from professional fields allied to Medicine, Psychology and Pedagogy, focusing on various aspects of child development and child and adult dysfunctions. Experts from different countries will share with participants the knowledge and experience of both practice and research in the areas of neuromotor development, metabolism, nutrition, auditory processing and visual functioning and psyche.

The conference is intended for:
Professionals dealing with child and adult care presenting with difficulties in aspects of education, behavior, sensory processing, physical and psychological functioning. The conference is also aimed at professionals in the fields of Pedagogy, Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy, Ergotherapy, Optometry, Physiotherapy, Pediatrics and other related areas.

The languages of the conference are English, Slovak, German and Hungarian with simultaneous translation.

From 9:00 to 18:00 both days

You can also download the conference information as a leaflet.